Build a Brand from Nothing – pt1 – Branding

Branding – why bother?

Great question, look at the above brands… to put it simply branding enables Apple, Nike and Coca-Cola to charge more for their products than their competitors.

Branding shapes our world it drives your business strategy, sales and even how you talk to your customer. Branding defines your product, what it is, and how you talk about it.

Having a cohesive brand, creates consistency of messages and this creates trust both in the market and with your customers.

How do you create a consistent and cohesive brand?

…. answer: A brand style guide!

What is a brand style guide?

It’s a core document that outlines the rules detailing how you discuss your brand both externally and internally; it’s how you communicate your brand (not just your logo).

Having a brand style guide is essential to building an effective marketing strategy, it also has a few more tangible use cases:

  • It helps you maintain consistency, particularly when making updates to your branding.
  • Gives your employees, contractors and partners guidelines, visual assets and templates to create brand consistent content quickly.
  • It helps establish and build brand trust with your customers and audience.
  • It lets you define what and who you brand is, not someone else.

Steps to creating a brand style guide

Step 1. Define your bands identity
Step 2. Your brand name
Step 3. Your logo (and secondary logo) and determine how it should be used
Step 4. Build your official brand colour palette
Step 5. Choosing Fonts that compliment your brand
Step 6. Defining your brand voice
Step 7. Supporting imagery

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